I don’t know what I’m doing. FinTwit.co serves as a meager attempt to organize and catalog some aspects of finance twitter, or fintwit for the uninitiated. I’ve admittedly been more of a reader (lurker) than a contributor on FinTwit, but I’ve certainly gained an enormous amount of value being a witness to many of its conversations.

When I talk about FinTwit with friends, contacts, or colleagues…they usually don’t get it. They usually think I’m talking about ZeroHedge or Adam F, and don’t realize the FinTwit tweeps are more than that. It got me to thinking that a central hub, or wiki of sorts, could be a helpful resource – especially for someone just getting started in finance or FinTwit.

What that means, I do not know. How it’ll manifest on this site, I also do not know. (Your feedback or participation would be more than awesome).

DMs wide open.

Email me via the contact form or the Twitter is @FinTwitCo